Read more UI and search in description on MapHub

2 min readMay 18, 2019

Different users are using MapHub in very different ways: some users create maps with hundreds or thousands of items, while others make each map into a “story” map, like a blog post.

Read more UI for longer descriptions

This update is for those who prefer to have longer texts containing many paragraphs in an item’s description. It was possible before, but there was no visual sign telling the user that there is more to read.

With this update, when an item’s text isn’t fully visible a “Read more” button appears and smoothy scrolls the description to the next page. You can also scroll using your touch pad, touch screen or by using your mouse’s scroll wheel.

Search / filter by description

Previously the filter panel was only searching in the items’ title field. With today’s update, it is also searching in the description field.

This feature also allows you to store tags in the description field, which you can later use for filtering.

This is helped by the newly implemented “{hidden: }” tag. If you add a “{hidden: }” line to the description, it won’t show up in the popup, but it will work in the filter tool.

For example, if you have a map about animals where you’d like to add some tag-line functionality for filtering, you could add this line.

{hidden: mammal africa herbivore}
hidden text not visible in popup

Share your map!

While MapHub is a small community and the website has no list of all public maps, there is a new thread in the forums where some of us have shared a map we created. If you are interested to know how others are using MapHub or would like to share your map and receive some feedback, feel free to do so! Here is the link: Share your map on the forum

Questions, Ideas?

If you have any question or have an idea about a new feature, feel free to open a topic on the forum or email me.

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