MapHub performance update and new features

You might not have seen a big update to MapHub for a while, but there have been lots of improvements under the hood.

Faster server and optimised code

The most important update is invisible: to keep up with the load, MapHub has now been moved to a much higher performance server. The code has also been optimised so that groups containing 1000+ items perform operations much faster.

Disable embedding and downloading

Many of you have asked to allow disabling of embedding and downloading of maps. These are now supported, in a new Advanced Settings dialog.

Advanced Settings dialog

Visual ordering of items

A common problem users encountered was that the visual order of items on the map was not following the order in the side panel. This is now fixed, meaning you can set the visual order of individual items and whole groups by dragging in the right side panel.

Links to other maps

If you use multiple maps with links between them, a common problem was that links opened in new tabs. This has been fixed now, and links to other maps will open in the current tab.

Open embed links in the same tab

Another feature request related to embeds was to open links to websites, not in a new tab, but in place of the current page. Now, this is supported as a new option in the embed wizard.

Better display of Cyrillic fonts

If a map uses Cyrillic characters, it’ll be automatically detected now and a system font will be used, for the best display of characters.

Questions, Ideas?

If you have any question or have an idea about a new feature, feel free to open a topic on the forum or email me.