Better UI for mobiles and geolocation support in embeds

Before and after on an iPhone SE
Before and after on a small screen Android phone

Geolocation button in embeds

Another new feature is support for geolocation control in embeds. By enabling this feature, your users will be able to click the small circle button in the lower left corner and the map will instantly show their positions even when viewing an embedded map on a website.

Share your map!

While MapHub is a small community and the website has no list of all public maps, there is a new thread in the forums where some of us have shared a map we created. If you are interested to know how others are using MapHub or would like to share your map and receive some feedback, feel free to do so! Here is the link to the forum thread: Share your map on the forum

Share your map on the forum

Questions, Ideas?

If you have any question or have an idea about a new feature, feel free to open a topic on the forum or email me.



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